September 2017

03 Sep Poetic names to use in September

It’s already September, time flies! Here’s the list of poetic names to use this month. Early September Aki kahze (秋風)- autumn/fall breeze; Shuten (秋天)- fall sky, strikingly blue sky in autumn; Ginpu (吟風)-from GinpuRogetsu (吟風弄月), reading poems in the autumn breeze while watching the beautiful moon; Choyo (重陽)- the Choyo Festival (around September 9th) which features chrysanthemums, the flower symbolic of longevity and eternal youth. The picture is to collect morning dew on the flower (if you wipe your body with the cotton, you'd be free from illness for the year). Mid-September Aka Tombo (赤とんぼ)-a red dragonfly; Ko Getsu (湖月)- the moon reflected on the lake (typically, anything...

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