Mei-Poetic names in May (no pun intended)

24 Apr Mei-Poetic names in May (no pun intended)

It’s almost May, so here goes the list of poetic names for May. Hope you can use a few of them at Okeiko.

Early May

  • A(h-)oba (青葉)- Fresh/young green leaves
  • Seitai(青苔)- Moss, which is especially fresh green
  • Kumpu(薫風)- Early summer breeze, balmy breeze
  • Satsu Satsu (颯々)- Rustling of the wind; the sound of rushing wind


  • Samidare(五月雨)- Early summer rain (which tends to be long-lasting)
  • Kaki tsubata (杜若)- An iris
  • Sa Otome (早乙女)- Women/girls who plant rice seedlings (religious symbol for rich harvest in the fall; typically dressed in a navy blue dress, red strap and a straw hat)
  • Cho sei(澄声) – Mountain wind on a sunny day; a haze on top of a mountain on a sunny day

Late May

  • Koromo Ga-e(更衣)- Changing the wardrobe for summer
  • Usu Ginu (薄衣)- Light clothes
  • Ka no ko (鹿の子)- A fawn
  • Yama Shimizu (山清水)- Freshwater spring in a mountain
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