Mei-Poetic Names (July)

07 Jul Mei-Poetic Names (July)

It is already July, so here is the list of poetic names typical for July.

Early July
* The first three are related to Tanabata, a festival celebrated on July 7th which has roots in the Chinese star festival (the Qixi festival). It is said that the lovers across the Milky Way can meet once a year if it does not rain. People (kids) write their wishes on paper strips and hang them on bamboos.

  • Ama no Kawa (天の川)-Milky Way (up to July 7th)
  • Oh se (逢瀬)- A tryst (up to July 7th)
  • Ginga (銀河)-Galaxy
  • Uchiwa (団扇)-A round paper fan


  • Fu-rin (風鈴)-Wind chimes
  • Ara Iso (荒磯)-A rough shoreline, coast
  • Natsu Gumo (夏雲)-summer clouds, a cumulonimbus
  • Miru (海松)-Stag seaweed, which looks like a pine tree in the water. Pine trees are the symbol of happiness/luck, so Miru is treated as such.

Late July

  • Yu-dachi (夕立)-A summer afternoon shower
  • Yu-gao (夕顔)-A moonflower, a bottlegourd
  • Asa gao (朝顔)-A morning glory
  • Kokage (木陰)-In the shade of a tree, under a tree
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