Poetic names to use in April

07 Apr Poetic names to use in April

We often use poetic names in Chado, commonly as a name of Chashaku. We are going to list several names for each month. The poetic names usually precede the actual time/event. For example, you will see names related to the Boy’s Festival (which is May 5th) at the end of April.

Early April
Yamazakura(山桜) – Natural/indigenous cherry blossoms, cherry blossoms in mountains
Hana matsuri(花祭り)- Cherry blossom festivals
Wakatake(若竹)- Young bamboos
Hana gasumi(花霞)- Cherry blossoms in full bloom and look like haze from afar

Osozakura(遅桜)- Late cherry blossoms
Yozakura(夜桜)- Cherry blossoms at night
Hana bie(花冷)- Cold days in spring
Hana no shizuku(花の雫)- Dew on flowers

Late April
Naeshiro(苗代)- Rice seedlings
Hatsu sekku(初節句)- First seasonal festival/the first Boy’s Festival
Nobori goi(登鯉)- A carp climbing a waterfall (This is from an old Chinese saying that a carp who successfully climbed the rapid current became a dragon; it is a symbol of success.)
Fukinagashi(吹流し)-The top one swinging in this picture above the carp

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