Poetic Names to Use in August

10 Aug Poetic Names to Use in August

We don’t have classes at Shofuso in August (probably too hot, since we don’t have AC – a good old Japanese tea house……) but we compiled the poetic names to use in August anyway!

Early August
To- Hanabi (遠花火)-fireworks afar
Sato Gaeri (里帰り)-homecoming
Yoi Suzushi (宵涼し)-cool evening, evening coolness
Kadobi (門火)-fire lit at a gate (for Obon festival, to welcome the spirits of ancestors)

Toro- Nagashi (灯篭流し)-floating lanterns (Obon festival customs, to send off the spirits of ancestors, when the lighted lanterns are floated down the river to the ocean)

Utsu semi(空蝉)-cicada, a cast-off shell of cicada (a symbol of temporal, short-lived life)
Fuyo-(芙蓉)-a flower of the hibiscus family, ‘fuyou’, or cotton rose hibiscus

Gege(解夏)-when a monk comes out from a room after 3 months training in summer

Late August
Shin ryo (新涼)-the coolness of autumn, the first cold air of autumn
Hatsu Arashi (初嵐)-the first storm
Mushi no Ne (虫の音)-a chirp, singing of insects in the fall
Shu sei (秋声)-the sound of the fall wind

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