Poetic Names to Use in December

19 Dec Poetic Names to Use in December

2017 is about to end. I hope you had a great year and best wishes for happy holidays!

Poetic names for December include:

Early December
Suisen (水仙)- a narcissus;
Kangiku(寒菊)- a winter chrysanthemum;
Shiwasu(師走)- another name for December;
Seibo(歳暮)- year-end gift, the end of year;

Mid December
Tsurara(つらら)- an icicle;
Irori(囲炉裏)- a hearth;
Fuyu no Yama(冬の山)- winter mountain(s) – anything related to “winter” is also good in December such as Fuyu Kodachi (barren trees in winter) and Fuyuno (winter field);
Yuki no Asa (雪の朝)- snowy morning – just as above, anything related to “snow” works in December such as Yuki Zora (snowy sky) and Yuki Ore (tree branches breaking under the weight of snow);

Late December / the end of year
Seiya(聖夜)- holy night, Christmas eve;
Horai(蓬莱)- new year decoration;
Joya(除夜)- the New Year’s Eve, temples ring bells 108 times to “ring away” the old year;
Toshi Kosi(年越し)- see the old year out (and new year in).

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