Poetic Names to Use in March

24 Feb Poetic Names to Use in March

I started this blog series of poetic names in April last year, so this post marks the completion of a full 12-month cycle. I learned a lot in the process, even discovered that some words I had assumed I knew actually had different meanings. I am still hoping to find tea utensils with these names or to make sweets that are reminders of these poetic names. I may start writing about Zen phrases beginning next month . . . no promises yet.

Early March:
Bon bori(雪洞) – A paper lamp shade, paper lantern, or anything related to the Hina Matsuri Doll Festival (March 3rd) would be appropriate;
Tsukushi (つくし)- Horsetail;
Haru no No (春の野)- Spring field.

Shun sui (春水)- Spring water from melting snow;
Haru same (春雨)- Spring rain;
Saho hime (佐保姫)- Spring Goddess.

Late March:
To-gen (桃源)- Shangri-La, paradise on earth;
Hana goyomi (花暦)- Flower calendar;
Higan (彼岸)- The (spring) equinoctial week.

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