Poetic names to use in October & November

28 Nov Poetic names to use in October & November

We had a big event, or an intensive seminar, last month, and I didn’t get a chance to post the poetic names until now. So, here’s the list of poetic names for October (too late?) and November (a bit late…).

Early October

  • Ochi ho (落穂)- gleanings, fallen ears (of rice grain);
  • Yamaga(山家)- a house/cottage in a mountain village;
  • Yamazato(山里)- a mountain village;
  • Kure no Aki(暮の秋)- late autumn;

Mid October

    • Ogurayama, Arashiyama(小倉山、嵐山)- the mountains in Kyoto famous for their foliage;
    • Kinshu(錦秋)- autumn where the foliage is as beautiful as brocade, autumn with beautiful leaves;
    • Hatsu Momiji(初紅葉)- the first maple leaves to turn red in the season;
    • Tatsuta Hime(龍田姫)- goddess of autumn, goddess of fall;

Late October

  • Kimamori(木守)- fruits left on a tree during winter (supposedly causing more fruits to appear in the next season). A famous Akaraku (one of the Rikyu’s seven favorites) has the same name;
  • Bansho(晩鐘)- the evening bell, a vesper bell;
  • Kuchikiri(口切)- the seal of a jar in which the first tea harvested in early summer is contained, the time of the first use of the sunken hearth;
  • Shorai(松籟)- (sound of) wind through pine trees, the soughing of wind through pine trees.

Early November

  • Inoko(亥の子)- Baby boar, cub of boar. For Robiraki (opening of the sunken hearth), typically we eat inoko mochi;
  • Tokiwa(常盤)- Forever stability, not changing forever;
  • Ichiyo(一葉)- One leaf;
  • Senshu(千秋)- Many years, thousand years;

Mid November

  • Miyamaji(深山路)- A path in a deep mountain, a forest path in a mountain;
  • Shusho(秋霜)- Frost, autumn frost;
  • Shimoyo(霜夜)- Frosty night;
  • Kuchiki(朽木)- Decayed tree, decayed wood;

Late November

  • Senshuraku(千秋楽)- Concluding festivities, concluding program;
  • Iso Chidori(磯千鳥)- Beach plover;
  • Hatsu Go-ri(初氷)- First freezing, first ice;
  • Kangetsu(寒月)- Wintry moon, winter month.
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